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Patent 'Prior Art' illustrations provided at no additional cost with every drawing order. Please contact our sales department at 571-969-3729 or request@Patent-Express.com to start your patent drawing project today!

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The Leahy-Smith America Invents Act implementation is in effect. Since the US Patent Office is switching from a FTI (first to invent) system to a FTF or FITF (first to file, first Inventor to file) system, filing quickly has never been more important to the Inventor. We can help you expedite your filings to the USPTO through our standard super fast patent drawing completion dates. We also offer even faster expedited/guaranteed patent drawing delivery dates.

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Our Services
  • Professional Patent Search Service

Our comprehensive search service is not limited to existing patent search, but encompasses many proprietary resources. Furthermore, we employ classification searches, in addition to keyword searches, to ensure no prior disclosures will interfere with your vision of bring your idea to market.

  • Patent Drawing and Trademark Drawing Service

If you are an inventor or have an idea for an invention, we will create the patent drawings or trademark illustrations that you need to file a patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Patent-Express.com provides low cost, yet high quality illustrations for the Do-it-yourself inventor and entrepreneur. Our utility or design patent drawings and stylized or design format trademark drawings are guaranteed to meet the strict guidelines of the USPTO.

  • Patent Drawing Express Service

Drawings as low as $29 per figure using our express patent drawing services! Simply forward any information that will be helpful in creating the drawings. This information includes sketches, photos, prototype, written description, Legal Zoom description (legalzoom.com), link to your Quirky idea (quirky.com) or any combination of these. Follow this link for details: Express Patent Drawing Service.

  • Logo Design Service

If you like our patent and trademark drawings, we incorporate the same superior qualities in our logo designs. We will provide a high quality, unique logo design that your corporate branding demands.

Express Drawing Services Price Structure

Patent Drawings for as low as $29 each!
No of Drawings Price Each*
20+ Approximately $29
5-15 Approximately $39
1-4 Approximately $49

*'Express rate' guaranteed if simple sketches are provided by the customer. If you decide not to provide sketches of your invention, simply send us information that enables us to create your drawings. This information can be in the form of a written description, photos, prototype, etc. We will reply with a written quote for the cost of your project with an estimated completion date.

Gratuity for Services Rendered
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Our Samples

The following link is to samples of some of our previous work. The samples are only a handful of the countless patent illustration projects that we have had accepted by the US Patent and Trademark Office. Click here to see our samples: Patent Drawing Examples

Our Guarantee

Although we have successfully provided countless patent drawings for our customer's patent applications without incident, ALL patent drawings we create come with a GUARANTEE of acceptance to the USPTO.

Please note that it is our corporate policy to answer ALL email correspondence within 24 hours. If you have been waiting for a response for more than 24 hours, please verify that the "send to" email address is correct. It is highly unlikely, but possible, that your email was accidentally caught in our anti-unsolicited commercial email filters. Please forward your unanswered email, noting that this is your second attempt and accept our apologies in the form of a coupon for 10% off your next purchase. Thank you.

Additional Services
Copyright Protection

We provide copyright registration services for your works of art including visual art, poetry, song lyrics, movie scripts, play scripts, and computer software source code.

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates! If you need a unique gift for an inventor, entrepreneur, or engineer-type who has ideas for inventions, but has no desire to create the required drawings. Patent-Express.com Gift Certificates are the perfect gift!

NEW! Now you can donate the remainder of your gift certificate to your favorite charity. Just let us know what charity, and we will make the donation in the name you provide.
Print/Backup service available

Margins, ink and paper all meet or exceed strict USPTO guidelines. Backup on Cd-Rom or floppy disk. Shipped to any where in the world. Please mention that you are interested in this service when you order, and we will include the price in your free estimate.

New print and backup service available

DIY Patent Drawing Stickers

Check out our Merchandise page for these hot new stickers, gift certificates, etc..

DIY Patent Drawing Stickers available

To get started call 1-571-969-3729 or send an email to request@patent-express.com
Alt. Email: PatentDrawingExpress@gmail.com


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